Thursday, January 5, 2012

Questions to Consider Before Choosing to Have Cosmetic Surgery

Women, and an increasing number of men, are considering the cosmetic surgery route as the way to fix their problems. They may feel at a disadvantage because of how they look, or that some aspect of their physical appearance is an impediment to their success. It may seem the best solution, to replace what they see as the cause of their problems with something more attractive. But is the problem really on the outside, or is something inside in need of attention?

Let's look at some of the questions that are important to answer prior to choosing to have cosmetic surgery:

- Will cosmetic surgery fix my marriage?
Some women feel that part of the job description in being a good wife is to look young, slim, attractive. They may be only too aware that other women, women their husband regularly comes into contact with, are only too eager to fill their shoes. Whilst it is important to take care of ones body, appearance and make an effort in a relationship, looks are simply one aspect of a successful, long-term relationship. Open and honest communications, interesting conversations, shared fun and laughter, being supportive, knowing each other well are all far more compelling reasons for a couple to choose to stay together. Work on feeling more confident, ensure that you lead a satisfying, fulfilling life and those other areas of concern often become resolved.

- Will cosmetic surgery get me a job?
There is often a sense that when we reach a certain age we become unemployable, and indeed companies often require young, dynamic staff on board. For a start they may cost less to employ and are easier to mould to the company's requirements. However, an increasing number of companies are appreciating the valuable contribution that older, more experienced staff can bring into their business. Having a mix of old and new ideas brings a balance between stability and innovation, experience and young energy and adds a valuable combination into the team. Looking smart, capable and enthusiastic is often the most positive way of obtaining a new work position.

- Will cosmetic surgery make me popular?
Some groups appear to have their own particular look; they style their hair, dress, socialize all in the same way. To an outsider wanting to fit in and become part of the 'popular' group it can feel almost obligatory to affect the uniform image. But do you really want to look, dress and act the same as everyone else? Why not consider what interests and appeals to you and determine to find ways to introduce a more suitable, independent outlook into your life. That way you can improve your confidence through a variety of different outlets, without having to conform to a particular type.

- Will cosmetic surgery make me a happier person?
If everything in your life is fine, you're feeling happy, settled and fairly satisfied with everything, except for that one thing (your nose, ears, the size of your breasts or the excess skin since you lost weight), then cosmetic surgery can really add value to your life. It can be the icing on the cake that you wish you'd done sooner. But if cosmetic surgery is seen as the solution to all your problems, the 'once this is done then everything will be fine', the truth is you may be disappointed. With this in mind, many reputable cosmetic surgeons insist on counselling before surgery. They want to ensure that a patient is feeling good about themselves and has no serious underlying issues about self-esteem and confidence that they're hoping the surgery will fix.

Don't forget, cosmetic surgery is a major hospital procedure; doctors consider it to be major invasive surgery. Just because the word 'cosmetic' is included it can be easy to trivialize the fact that it is an important medical procedure, with all that it entails.

Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who works with stressed individuals to promote confidence and self belief, with couples in crisis to improve communications and understanding and with business clients to support the health and motivation levels of individuals and teams.