Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Choosing Your Cosmetic Surgeon for Your Genital Surgery

When you have decided that a labiaplasty genital surgery is the right choice for you, the step will be to choose the right cosmetic surgeon for you. Since this individual is going to be responsible for your results, you will want to ensure that they understand what your needs are. Since finding a cosmetic surgeon who performs genital surgery regularly may be tricky to find, you will want to keep the following important factors in mind.

Ideally your main goal should be to find a cosmetic surgeon who performs at least four or five of these surgeries each month. This will mean that they not only have a good set of skills in place, but they will have gained good experience in this very specialised type of genital surgery.

Take this checklist with you when you are going for your consultation with any cosmetic surgeon to help you to make the best choice possible for you.

- On average how many labiaplasty surgeries does this individual perform over the course of an average month and year?
- How many of these surgeries have they successfully completed over their career?
- What are the common infections or complications that this surgeon has experienced with this procedure?
- Do they operate in a State Certified Facility?
- Are they a Certified Surgeon in Gynecology or Cosmetic Surgery?
- Can they show you before and after photo results so you can clearly understand what you can expect?
- Can they explain the process in-depth to you so that you are comfortable with all aspects?

It is essential that you consider carefully the answers you get to your questions. If you're not happy with the answers you were given, seek out another cosmetic surgeon. While some people will look at price and location, the truth of the matter is you need to be comfortable with the surgeon you choose as you will be living with the results of this procedure for the rest of your life. You need to be happy with your choice of surgeon, and be assured you are in safe, experienced hands.

Take the time to do your research fully. Have a good look at all of the surgery options available to you as well as familiarizing yourself with the cosmetic surgeons who carry out labiaplasty genital surgery in your area. The more knowledge you have the more likely you will be to make the best choices for you.